EmasDigi targets 100 million transactions by end of 2019

01 April 2019 07:57

JAKARTA. Gold sales fintech company EmasDigi is targeting 100 million transactions by the end of 2019. Without specifying numbers, EmasDigi Head of Operations Humprey Humperdinck said currently EmasDigi has reached millions in transactions.

"Our target in 2019 is to reach 100 million transactions by the end of the year," Mr Humperdinck told Kontan.co.id, Tuesday (26/3). The biggest challenge, he said, is educating the public about the importance of saving.

To achieve the target, EmasDigi will launch several partnerships with digital-based companies. "Thus, EmasDigi's business network will be stronger," said Mr Humperdinck.

The company also records significant growth in the number of users. Without specifying numbers, Mr Humperdinck said the growth proved that the fintech business offers promising opportunities.

According to Mr Humperdinck, the majority of EmasDigi users are of 25-35 years of age. Most of them are interested in the sales and puchase of gold weighing below 25 grams. (AM/MS)

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