TCPI - PT. Transcoal Pacific Tbk

Rp 7.200

+500 (+7,46%)

JAKARTA - PT Transcoal Pacific Tbk (TCPI) targets revenue in 2019 to reach around Rp 3.5 trillion and Rp 4 trillion. The coal transportation company is optimistic that this year's achievement could increase compared to last year.

The company's plan this year is to increase the amount of coal cargo, both in terms of volume and type of transportation. Transcoal Pacific also plans to increase the volume of nickel. At present the contribution of coal to revenue reaches 90%-95% and the remaining is from nickel.

"We hope that with the increase in cargo volume, revenues will also increase. We expect at least around 40% - 50% compared to 2018," said Dirc Richard Talumewo to

The company's profit this year is also expected to increase along with revenue growth. To meet demand from the market, the company plans to increase investment in ships. (LM)