TELE - PT. Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk

Rp 106

+10 (+10,42%)

JAKARTA - PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk (TELE) denies the information about the default on its bond. 

Due to the issue, the company's shares have been suspended on all markets by the IDX starting today (18/2)

The bond in question is Tiphone's Shelf Registration Bonds II phase I/2019, which has a principal value of Rp 53 billion and an interest rate of 11.5% per year, with a one-year tenor. The bond's maturity date is today (18/2)

In an official statement made today (18/2), President Director of TELE, Tan Lie Pin, said that the company had carried out its obligation to pay bondholders directly, as shown by the evidence submitted to KSEI. "However, KSEI does not recognize the payment process by the company because it is considered a violation."

He said the company made a direct payment to bondholders due to the demand from those bondholders. Proof of payment has also been submitted to KSEI. Therefore, the company is withdrawing the payment from the bondholders, and it will deposit the payment to KSEI today so that the suspension can be revoked. (ARM/AR)