JAKARTA - In order to improve its telecommunications services, PT Telkomsel Regional Maluku and Papua operate 6,951 units of base transceiver stations (BTS), of which 2,392 units are 4G BTS. 

General Manager of Network Operations and Quality Management of Telkomsel Maluku and Papua, Adi Wibowo, said that in 2019, 897 new BTS units had been installed in various regions in Maluku and Papua. "We are committed to continuing to bring quality telecommunications services to all corners of the country," he said in Ambon today (18/2)

In 2020, he continued, Telkomsel is committed to adding around 557 BTS in Maluku and Papua. 

With the addition of the new BTS, he said, Telkomsel customers in Maluku and Papua could enjoy better telecommunications services. (ARM/AR)