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JAKARTA - PT Gema Grahasarana Tbk (GEMA), a furniture and craft trading company, allocates Rp 459 billion for capital expenditure (CaPex) in 2019.

Ilda Imelda Tatang, Director of PT Gema Grahasarana Tbk (GEMA) stated that the Capex will be used to invest in export industrial technology 4.0 in customised furniture factory. “We did not create a joint venture, but import the technology from Shangpin. In marketing segment, we plan to open some stores in Jakarta,” she said.

According to Tatang, the company has signed the synergy with Guangzho Shangpin Home Collection Co Ltd that operated the custom furniture for the housing land. In 2019, the company increased the revenues target by 4%-5%, to Rp 1.29 trillion, from Rp 1.17 trillion of revenues in 2018. (LK/W)