Friday, May 20, 2022


Mahogany Room, Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village Jend. Sudirman Boulevard #401, Tangerang


09:30 (GMT+7)


Approval regarding the proposed Material Transaction and Affiliated Transaction for the Transfer of Assets of the Graha Lippo Building owned by the company which is located at Boulevard Diponegoro St No. 101 Lippo Village, Tangerang 15810 (“Transaction”), including:

  • Approval to invest in a limited liability company, PT Bank Nationalnobu Tbk, in the form of asset (inbreng).
  • Delegation of authority to Board of Directors with the rights of substitution to carry out all necessary actions related to implement the transaction, including but not limited to making or requesting that all necessary deeds, letters and documents be present before the parties/ the authorized official, including a notary, submits an application to the authorised party/official to obtain approval or reports the matter to the authorised party/official and registers it in the company register as referred to in the applicable laws and regulations.


Source #1
LPLI - PT. Star Pacific Tbk

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