Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta
Pacific Place, Ballroom 1, 4th floor,
Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD),
Jend. Sudirman street Kav. 52-53,
Jakarta 12190


10:00 (GMT+7)


  1. Approval of the Company's Annual Report including the ratification of the Financial Statements, the Directors Report and the Board of Commissioners Oversight report of the financial year 2016, and to release and fully discharge of all responsibilities (acquit et charge) to all Board members for the management and supervision carried out in the financial year 2016.
  2. Determination on the use of the Company's profits of the financial year 2016.
  3. Election of a Public Accountant to audit the Company's Financial Report of the financial year 2017, and authorise the Company's Directors to determine the honorarium and elect an accountant, and the other requirements of the appointment.
  4. Determination of salaries and benefits for Board members.
  5. Changes in the Company Management composition.
SRIL - PT. Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk

Rp 224

-4 (-1,75%)