PT. Bursa Efek Indonesia has approved the share listing from the exercise of preemptive rights (Right issue) PT. MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP).

Securities description to be listed is as follows:

Number of shares 9,446,000 shares
Origin of shares Rights issue II
Listing date November 13, 2015
Trading date November 13, 2015

After the listing, PT. MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk currently has total shares of 4,180,121,305 listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange. The rights (HMETD) unconverted to shares from the Limited Public Offering II of PT. MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk  is equivalent to 509,263,755 shares.

BCAP - PT. MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk

Rp 54

+15 (+28,00%)