Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Meeting Room 2 PT ICTSI Jasa Prima Tbk, Graha Kirana 7th floor, suite 701
Yos Sudarso  street No.88, Sunter, North Jakarta 14350


10:00 AM


  1. Approval of the Annual Report drafted by Board of Directors regarding the circumstances and the Company activity in the fiscal year 2017, including the Supervision Report of the Board of Commissioners in the fiscal year 2017, and to release and fully discharge (acquit et de charge) to all members of Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners for the management and supervision conducted in the fiscal year 2017
  2. Appointment of a Public Accountant that will audit the Company's financial statement for the fiscal year 2018 and delegation of authority to Board of Directors to determine the amount of the honorarium of the Independent Public Accountant as well as other terms of appointment.
  3. Changes in the composition of Board of Directors, Appointment of Independent Directors
KARW - PT. ICTSI Jasa Prima Tbk

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