Sierad Produce to implement smart poultry farming concept

10 May 2019 15:37

JAKARTA - PT Sierad Produce Tbk (SIPD), an integrated chicken industry company, sees smart poultry farming as a concept that can improve the company’s performance, especially in the field of broilers.

For information, smart poultry farming is a new concept in cultivation by utilizing the advances in digital information and communication technology to improve quality and productivity.

To implement this concept, Sierad works with PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL) and FarmResult B.V. The company also cooperates with HAS University from the Netherlands to collaborate on advanced research on smart farming.

XL Axiata will be organizing a cloud-based digital platform (FlexIot Platform), IoT integration, including integration between sensors and automation of equipment in chicken coops. While FarmResult B.V will optimize the supply chain operation and maintenance process by combining real-time environmental data and supply chain data through cloud-based solutions.

The application of this concept is expected to significantly increase livestock productivity. As an information, Sierad has conducted a pilot project in one of the broiler cages located in Banten. (LM)

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