Ministry of PUPR will evaluate the design of rest area in toll road

12 June 2019 15:01

JAKARTA - In addition to traffic management, the readiness of road infrastructure also supports the Lebaran Mudik (Homecoming) in 2019. Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said that the condition of road infrastructure (toll and national roads) was relatively good.

Minister Basuki said that the one-way system applied at the time of the homecoming and returning of Lebaran 2019 in addition to helping smoothness also had a positive impact on traders along the national road. "The positive thing is that when the homecoming is applied in one direction from Jakarta, then drivers from East to West are required to enter national roads so that they impact many stalls and souvenir shops, as well as vice versa during the flow," he said.

Regarding the evaluation of the adequacy of rest areas on Toll Road, Minister Basuki said that it needed support from users in using rest area so that there would be less traffic. "No matter how many rest areas, it will not be enough with the existing conditions like this. As an illustration, the rest area in Palimanan and Kalikangkung, normal conditions accommodate 17 thousand vehicles, but during the homecoming yesterday it increased four times to 68 thousand vehicles. the direction that allows the use of the rest area on both sides, also can not accommodate all travelers want to enter the rest area," he said.

In the future, the government plans to strive for changes in the design of parking in the rest area. This was done to accommodate travelers who want to rest between trips back and forth. "We evaluate the design for more prepared parking specifically, not spread in all the rest area spaces. The behavior of motorists generally for example if you want to go to the toilet, then the parking lot must also be close to the toilet so that it piles up. For that we will try to arrange so that the vehicle parking in the rest area is a bit far from the shop so that it is more organized, "he said. (LM)

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