Lautan Luas establishes a subsidiary with a capital of Rp 1.2 billion

12 July 2019 18:16

JAKARTA. PT Lautan Luas Tbk (LTLS) has a new subsidiary, PT Cipta Logistik Indonesia, which was established with an authorized capital of Rp 1.2 billion.

Soewandhi Soekamto, Director of LTLS, said that the establishment of the new subsidiary would expand the company's business this year. "Increasing business opportunities (for LTLS)," said Soekamto through an official statement received by idnfinancials.com on Friday (12/7).

The establishment of Cipta Logistik Indonesia was held on Thursday (11/7). LTLS has 1,200 shares in the subsidiary, with a nominal value of Rp 1 million per share. The company's issued and paid -up capital is 1,190 shares or 99.16%, equivalent to Rp 1.19 billion. Meanwhile, the rest is owned by Indrawan Masrin.

In establishing its new subsidiary, LTLS appointed Subakti Setiawan as President Director, Lidia Dyah Permanasari as Director, Jimmy Masrin as President Commissioner, and Joshua Chandraputra Asali as Commissioner. (KR/AR)

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