Sriwijaya Air diverts some flights due to smog

16 September 2019 05:11

JAKARTA. President Director of Sriwijaya Air, Joseph Saul, said that his party had to divert some of its flights due to the smog that disturbed the visibility of pilots in their destinations.

"For our Batam-Pontianak flight, we diverted the landing to Jakarta," he told Kontan.co.id on Sunday (15/9).

In addition, flights to Berau and Tarakan were also diverted. Basically, said Joseph, his company still operates normally. But if the smog becomes thicker, increases, then the flight will be diverted to the nearest city.

Meanwhile, the route to Riau is still considered safe. He said that his party was making adjustments every hour according to the smog and visibility.

Previously, the Head of Kalimarau Airport, East Kalimantan, Bambang Hartato said that he received a Note To Air Man issued by AirNav Indonesia numbered C8334/19 regarding the changes in the visibility at the airport.

At present, several airports that are closed are Kalimarau Airport (Berau), Juwata Airport (Tarakan), APT Pranoto Airport (Samarinda), and Syamsudin Noor Airport (Banjarmasin). (AM/AR)

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