Intiland will cooperate with Mediapura to manage its apartments

24 September 2019 01:39

TANGERANG. A subsidiary of PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD), Aropolis, is collaborating with PT Mediapura Digital Nusantara to develop Aeropolis, an integrated area owned by DILD. In this collaboration, Mediapura brought its own trademark, The Aparian Mediapura.

Aeropolis is a property developer that is located 500 meters from Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The two companies collaborated on the management and leasing services of apartment units in Aeropolis.

"The reason we are working with Aparian is because we consider that as a start-up company, Aparian is quite good in terms of its operation. They give investors and consumers varied choices and derivative benefits," Project Director of Aeropolis, Totonase Lafe told the media in the signing of the collaboration agreement on Monday (23/9).

The plan is Aeropolis as a property developer will focus on the planning and construction of apartments, while Mediapura is responsible for the management and marketing of the apartments. 

Totonase further stated that his party wants to run an apartel (apartment hotel) business model with Mediapura. After investors purchases apartment units that cost Rp 210 million each, Mediapura will help investors find consumers who will stay there. (AM/AR)

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