Mahkota Group will build a new refinery plant

10 October 2019 12:20

JAKARTA - The performance of PT Mahkota Group Tbk is expected to improve in the future, with the new refinery plant that will be build by the company. The refinery plant will be operated through its subsidiary, PT Intan Sejati Andalan. 

This plant will produce cooking oil with a production capacity of 1,500 tons per day. 

Also, the company will increase its total storage capacity by 20,000 tons. At present, the company has a total storage capacity of 76,000 tons.

In order to realize those plans, the company requires Rp 330 billion. The funds will be obtained from the company's IPO funds, internal cash and bank loans.

With the new plant, MGRO expects to generate Rp 5 trillion in revenue and Rp 123 billion in net profit. (ARM/AR)

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