Intiland has generated Rp 1.9 trillion in revenue as of Q3 2019

29 October 2019 05:21

JAKARTA - As of Q3 2019, PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD) has generated Rp 1.9 trillion in revenue, 23.4% lower than the figure recorded in Q3 2018 of Rp 2.4 trillion. The company's operating profit also fell by 12.9% from its record in Q3 2018 (Rp 278.9 billion to Rp 242.9 billion). 

As quoted from the company disclosure, Archied Noto Pradono, Director of Capital Management and Investment of PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD) said the decline in the company's performance is related to changes in current market conditions, with low to middle segment becoming the most active market. 

This condition has an impact on Intiland's performance, since most of its products are targeted for the middle to upper segment. 

According to him, the company's revenue so far has been supported by the development of residential and industrial estates, recurring income from office space leasing, property management, and sports facility management. (LK/AR)

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