Inter Delta 3Q sales increases Rp 4.55 billion yoy

12 November 2019 17:51

JAKARTA - Sales of PT Inter Delta Tbk (INTD) edged up by Rp 4.55 billion on an annual basis from Rp 59.80 billion in 3Q 2018 to Rp 64.44 billion in 3Q 2019.

This sales was supported by the photo paper business segment amounting to Rp 39.43 billion, photo processing chemicals Rp 8.36 billion and others Rp 16.64 billion.

The company's cost of goods sold by the end September were recorded at Rp 52.76 billion. Thus, gross profit at the end of the third quarter was at Rp 11.68 billion. After deducted with other costs, the company's net profit was recorded at Rp 1.1 billion. (LM)

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