Modalku channels Rp 10 trillion funding in Southeast Asia

14 November 2019 09:30

JAKARTA - Modalku Group has channeled business capital loans of Rp 10 trillion to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore since its establishment.

Modalku has channeled funds to more than 1.1 million MSME loan transactions. This figure shows an increase of 40 times, where in the previous year the funding was channeled to 25 thousand MSME loans.

Reynold Wijaya, Co-Founder & CEO of Modalku, said, "This achievement is one thing that we should be grateful for because of the rapid development experienced by Modalku along with the development of MSMEs that we support. But we are not complacent, Modalku will continue to innovate to reach more MSMEs that have not been touched and deserve an opportunity to develop. In increasing financial inclusion, Modalku is collaborating with several digital platforms such as e-commerce to reach more MSMEs that are spread throughout Indonesia."

This achievement is also supported by Modalku lenders who have actively channeled funds to MSMEs registered with Modalku. Until now, the number of registered lenders in Modalku is around 150 thousand accounts consisting of individuals and institutions. (LM)

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