Metrodata Electronics estimates 2019 sales at US$1 billion

23 January 2020 15:08

JAKARTA - PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (MTDL) estimates its 2019 sales at US$1 billion (Rp 15 trillion), the highest in the company’s 45-year history.

“We sincerely thank all of our stakeholders—customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders—for their support in our 45-year history, with our 2019 sales estimated at above US$1 billion,” said MTDL President Director Susanto Djaja in an official statement received by IDNFinancials.com, Thursday (23/1).

In 2020, MTDL plans to increase collaboration with new distribution partners for IT products such as internet of things (IoT), gaming, and IT security. Going forward, the company also seeks to market smart lighting appliance in addition to home appliances such as blenders, shavers, and vacuum cleaners which it started marketing last year.

In the solution and consultation business line, MTDL incessantly assist banks and other financial service providers in building interconnection between their core system (back end) and digital system (front end). The business line also provides around 500 IT developers to assist numerous corporations in digital transformation, including through app development.

“MTDL’s performance growth is also contributed by sales to corporations in line with technological transformation that demands IT solution and consultation services,” said Mr Djaja.

“Going forward, we are optimistic that many more companies will require digital transformation services, which serve as one of MTDL’s bases to grow sustainably.” (MS)

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