PURA earned Rp 189 billion during its IPO

29 January 2020 06:27

JAKARTA - PT Putra Rajawali Kencana Tbk (PURA) obtained Rp 189 billion from its IPO on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. PURA shares will be listed in the first trading session on the stock exchange this morning (29/1).

As quoted from the company's disclosure, the number of shares listed was 5,301,463,280 shares, consisting of founders stock (3,501,463,280) and IPO stocks (1,800,000,000). The nominal value of those shares is Rp 50 per share, while the offering price is Rp 105 per share.

In this corporate action, PURA also issued 1,200,000,000 of series I warrant at an exercise price of Rp 106 per share.

The principal shareholders of PURA are PT Iglecorp Nusantara Kapital with 1,061,215,000 shares, Rajawali Inti with 662,621,880 shares, PT Rajawali Dwiputra Indonesia with 840,146,000 shares, and PT Igelcorp Asia Kapital with 437,480,400 shares. (LK/AR)

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