WHO criticizes paid Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia

16 July 2021 14:58

JAKARTA - The World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized Indonesia's policy regarding purchasing options for Covid-19 vaccinations for individuals. WHO Unit Head for the Essential Programme of Immunisation, Dr. Ann Lindstrand said the mechanism for paid vaccines in the midst of a pandemic could create ethical issues and narrow people's access to vaccines.

"It's important that every citizen has the equal possibility to get access and any payment could pose an ethical and access issue and particularly during a pandemic when we need the coverage and the vaccines to reach all of the most vulnerable," Ann quoted Kompas.com as saying.

Ann said that Indonesia could access more free vaccines from Covax Facility through collaboration with UNICEF, WHO and others. Although there are transportation, logistics and other costs for the delivery of vaccines to Covax countries, there is available funding through the multilateral development banks, the World Bank and other international agencies.

For information, PT Kimia Farma Tbk (KAEF) has prepared a paid vaccination service (VHR) for individuals scheduled to start on Monday (12/7). However, the company through its official website announced that the vaccination program would be postponed until further notice. The number of questions that came in made the company decide to extend the socialization period for VGR Individu and arrangements for registration of prospective participants.

According to the Detik report, the VGR program will use the Sinopharm vaccine for as much as IDR 321,660 per dose and service fee of IDR 117,910. So, the total amount to get one dose of this vaccine is IDR439,570. The COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses, so the price of the vaccine and services in total would be IDR 879,140 per person. (LM)

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