BKF lays out five points of fiscal policy

13 January 2022 09:02

JAKARTA – Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of Finance (lit. Badan Kebijakan Fiskal Kementerian Keuangan/BKF Kemenkeu) sets out five directives of fiscal policy in 2022. They include the COVID-19 response acceleration, businesses and MSMEs recovery, structural reformation to boost human resources’ competitiveness, fiscal reformation, and maintaining the 2022 State Budget.

Febrio Kacaribu, Head of BKF Kemenkeu, highlighted the healthcare sector as the key to economic recovery through vaccination programs, increasing healthcare facility and its protocol, and medicines.

The recovery in the business and MSMEs sector is initiated through various programs. They are Social Family’s Hope, Sembako Card, Pre-Employment Card, Direct Cash Assistance of the Village Funds, Micro Business Credit interest rate subsidy, and business incentives.

Then, the structural reformation to generate prime human resources entails the advanced healthcare system, adaptive social protection, economic transformation support, and structural reformation. Furthermore, in the fiscal field, the reformation begins with tax reformation, better spending habits, and financing innovations. Meanwhile, the 2022 State Budget should be optimised so that it could be the foundation of the fiscal condition in 2023. It could be achieved through a fiscal reformation and a comprehensive commitment from all ministries and institutions. (LK/ZH)

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