IDX recorded 22 issuances of bonds and sukuk by March 10, 11 are still in the pipeline

11 March 2022 06:47

JAKARTA. Until March 10, 2022, Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has recorded 22 emissions of securities and sukuk. Moreover, there are 11 other companies queueing in the pipeline to issue their bonds and sukuk.

I Gede Nyoman Yetna, Director of Corporate Evaluation I of IDX, revealed that the said 22 emissions of securities and sukuk were initiated by 18 different companies, expending IDR 23.07 trillion in total. “Currently, in the pipeline of securities issuance, there are 11 companies planning to offer 14 securities in the form of bonds and sukuk,” he further disclosed.

Furthermore, until March 10, 2022, 11 new issuers debuted in the stock exchange, raising IDR 3.13 trillion in total. “In addition, there are still 23 companies in the pipeline of stock recording (IPO) of IDX,” Yetna added earlier today (11/3). Most participants in the said IPO pipeline are major-scale companies, with only one small-scale company with assets less than IDR 50 billion. The other 12 companies have mid-level assets of between IDR 50 billion and IDR 250 billion, while the remaining 10 have assets above IDR 250 billion.

The number of companies that registered their stocks and bonds in IDX now hits 888 (including stock, bonds, sukuk, and asset-backed securities). This accomplishment reflects the effort generated by all stakeholders of the capital market to encourage the Indonesian Capital Market to be more inclusive, Yetna believed. (AM/ZH)

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