VICI laid out strategies to score double-digit profit growth

12 May 2022 05:40

JAKARTA. PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk (VICI) prepares several strategies to attain the target of performance growth in 2022, which aims for double-digit gap. Last year, the company managed to bump up its sales by 10.2% from IDR 1.05 trillion to IDR 1.15 trillion.

Billy Hartono Salim, President Director of Victoria Care Indonesia, mentioned that the company continues to maintain its growth, even eyeing double-digit increase in its revenue and profit growth from last year.

In order to score these goals, VICI has designed some strategies, including offering various of new products for consumers, optimising Oemah Herborist accounts in several e-commerce platforms to boost and accelerate products sales, and nurturing communications with export destination countries. Salim announced this plan through a public expose yesterday (11/5).

Another initiative that is intended to help VICI reach its growth target is solidifying its business portfolio through acquisition. VICI currently is in the move to acquire linear product manufacturer, having recently purchased healthcare products from PT Natura Pesona Mandiri. (AM/ZH)

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