Working on efficiency, Humpuss merge two subsidiaries

03 August 2022 07:59

JAKARTA – PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk (HITS) merges two of its subsidiaries in order to optimise efficiency.

Kemal Imam Santoso, President Director of Humpuss, confirmed that PT Hateka Trans Internasional (HTI), a subsidiary of PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia (HTK), will become one with PT Humpuss Maritim Internasional (HUMI). “All assets and obligations of HTI have been reassigned to HUMI. The dissolution of HTI took place without going through any liquidation process,” he stated further in the information disclosure quoted Wednesday (3/8).

HTK has been engaged in the ship rental service industry since 2004, collecting total assets of USD 85.31 million at the end of March 2022. Meanwhile, HTI, established in 2013, recorded total assets of USD 82.18 million in Q1 2022.

Humpuss is managing the operation of several vessels, including refined oil tanker, crude oil tanker, liquid chemical tanker, mooring vessel, dredging vessel, tugboats, and barges. Specifically, HTK operates Raja Pandita and Griya Ambon vessels. (LK/ZH)

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