First half in, Lippo Karawaci recorded IDR 6.81 trillion of revenue

30 August 2022 09:06

JAKARTA – PT Lippo Karawaci (LPKR) saw a downturn in its revenue from IDR 8.05 trillion in the first half of 2021 to IDR 6.81 trillion in H1 2022. This condition reaffirmed other losses recorded in various business lines.

Quoting the Financial Statement of H1 2022 of LPKR, published today (30/8), Ketut Budi Wijaya, President Director of Lippo Karawaci, revealed the real estate development segment brought in revenue of IDR 1.87 trillion, lower than IDR 2.26 trillion in H1 2021. The revenue of the healthcare segment also slipped off from IDR 4.63 trillion to IDR 4.40 trillion, as did the lifestyle segment from IDR 1.15 trillion to IDR 533.06 billion.

The net revenue in H1 2022, amounting to IDR 6.72 trillion, was also seen decreasing from IDR 7.83 trillion in H1 2021. Its gross profit was also slightly weakened from IDR 2.93 trillion to IDR 2.77 trillion, similar to its operating profit that went from IDR 1.56 trillion to IDR 87.20 billion. It was triggered by the declining revenue from other segments from IDR 1.14 trillion to IDR 75.16 billion.

The current year’s loss in H1 2022 clocked up to IDR 1.06 trillion, worsening from IDR 19.49 billion in the first half of 2021. Fortunately, the current year’s comprehensive loss was slightly recovered in H1 2022, reaching IDR 829.44 billion from IDR 3.15 trillion last year, thanks to the profit gained from the financial statement explication. (LK/ZH)

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