Indika to wrap up PIM acquisition worth IDR 74.89 billion

29 September 2022 06:14

JAKARTA – PT Indika Mineral Investindo (IMI) finishes the acquisition process of entire shares of PT Perkasa Investama Mineral (PIM) worth IDR 74.89 billion. This transaction was concluded earlier this week (26/9).

Adi Purnomo, Corporate Secretary of PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY), the parent company of IMI, revealed that PIM manages two subsidiaries in the bauxite and non-metal smelting industry. “The said acquisition is a part of our expansion plan to the non-coal industry,” he said in the information disclosure quoted Thursday (29/9).

Two subsidiaries of PIM in question are PT Mekko Metal Mining (MMM) in the bauxite ore mining sector and PT Perkasa Alumina Indonesia (PAI) in the non-metal smelting facility sector.

As of now, INDY’s business portfolio has already covered the energy service, the bulk material transportation, port infrastructure, and coal-fueled power plant. (LK/ZH)

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