Enhanced production and distribution, ROTI saw 25.4% profit growth

26 October 2022 12:15

JAKARTA. PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk (ROTI), the owner of Sari Roti brand, posted a net profit of IDR 263 billion at the end of September (9M) 2022. It was 25.4% higher than the gains recorded in the same period last year.

Arlina Sofia, Director of ROTI, claimed that said growth resulted from the successful strategy of production capacity boost and the expansion of ROTI’s product distribution. Furthermore, it also implemented the right selling price in the market that is adjusted to the high demands of bread products.

Until September 2022, ROTI’s sales reportedly reached IDR 2.86 trillion. The sales in this period increased 17.6% year-on-year (yoy). “The central region was the most extensive contributor to our sales, recording 15.3% increase in 9M 2022,” Sofia further revealed in the official disclosure.

ROTI has operated 4 new factories within the last five years. Those manufacturing plants in question are located in Batam, Gresik, Balikpapan, and Banjarmasin. In total, they managed to produce 5.1 million pieces of bread in one day.

On top of production enhancement and selling price adjustment, ROTI also applied several efficiency strategies in 9M 2022. It is deemed successful, as seen in its gross profit margin that arrived at 51.7%.

At the end of September 2022, ROTI had realised 92.5% of its capital expenditure budget. For the record, this year, the company allocates IDR 150 billion to its capital expenditure. (KR/ZH)

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