October 25, 2022 market recap: BGTG's shares are claimed by foreigners

31 October 2022 11:21

JAKARTA - Equity Global International Limited has increased its percentage of ownership in PT Bank Ganesha Tbk by buying another 200 million shares of BGTG today (25/10). Now, this Hong Kong-based investment company owns 8.8% of Bank Ganesha. Other foreign investments came from First Pacific Capital Group Limited into the shares of PT Indonesia Prima Property Tbk (OMRE) of around 61 million. On the other hand, UOB Kay Hian (Hong Kong) continued to sell PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP) shares, this time around 4.1 million.

In domestic trade, PT Cahaya Interkontinental also added ownership of 87 million shares of PT Ever Shine Tex Tbk (ESTI). Next, still in the buyback mission, PT Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk continues to buy back another 1.1 million DOID shares.

In addition, PT Lima Satuju Utama has reduced ownership of the 80 million shares of the thread issuer PT Sejahtera Bintang Abadi Textile Tbk (SBAT). PT Berkah Beton Sadaya Tbk (BEBS) also reported that nearly 2 million of its shares were sold by PT Berkah Global Investama, while 2.85 million of PT Sunindo Adipersada Tbk (TOYS) shares were sold by PT Hoekel Bangun Abadi.

Finally, the two controlling shareholders appear to have reduced ownership of their subsidiaries. The first was PT Sinar Mas Cakrawala, which sold 2.12 million shares of PT Sinar Mas Multiartha Tbk (SMMA), and the second was PT Selis Investama Indonesia, which sold 2.63 million shares of the electric bicycle issuer PT Gaya Abadi Sempurna Tbk (SLIS). (KD)

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