Protelindo and iForte to handle Subang Smartpolitan’s network

05 December 2022 20:18

JAKARTA. PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indoensia (Protelindo) and PT Iforte Solusi Infotek (iForte), a subsidiary of PT Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk (TOWR), has signed a cooperation agreement with PT Surya Subang Smartpolitan to establish towers and its fibre optic network.

With this cooperation taking place, Protelindo will step in as the telecommunication tower provider for Subang Smartpolitan, an independent city under Surya Subang Smartpolitan. Meanwhile, iForte will become the optical fibre network provider for the entire area of Subang Smartpolitan.

“With each of our experience, supported by the reliable management and operational teams, Protelindo and iForte will be able to provide the advanced telecommunication infrastructure services to business owners and workers employed and staying at Subang Smartpolitan,” Monalisa Irawan, Corporate Secretary of TOWR, explained.

For more context, Surya Subang Smartpolitan is one of a company under PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk (SSIA). It is given the responsibility to take on the Subang Smartpolitan project in Rebana Metropolitan area, a zone specifically designed by the West Java regional government to boost investment and innovation.

Subang Smartpolitan itself is designed and built with a smart and sustainable concept, meaning that its facilities and infrastructures are constructed with the application of Internet of Things (IoT). (KR/ZH)

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