Indorama export market dropped to US$336 million

30 August 2016 16:06

JAKARTA – The export market still became the largest contribution in sales revenue of PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk (INDR) in the first semester 2016. The company’s market share in Europe is 40% out of the total net revenue.

Based on the company’s financial report in the first semester 2016, the company’s net revenue was noted at US$336.13 million, or decreasing compared with US$350.95 million net revenue achieved in the same period of 2015. The export market contribution was noted at US$224.15 million and domestic market was noted at US$113.42 million.

In the same period of 2015, the company’s revenue from export market was noted at US$230.94 million and from local market was noted at US$121.48 million.

Besides European market, the company also exports to Asian market by 24%, to South America by 11%, to North America by 9%, and to other country around 17% respectively out of the total revenue. Their export products are polyester, yarn, and fabric.

The data shows that the company’s export market distribution did not get the impact significantly even though the dollar currency was strengthened in the early 2016.(LK)

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