FSC certified 2.7 million ha forest concessions

06 March 2018 14:58

JAKARTA - As many as 20% of 14 million ha natural forest concessions active in Indonesia have been certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This figure makes Indonesia the fastest growing country in tropics forest management certification.

The Borneo Initiative data show that 25 units of natural forest concessions in Indonesia covering a total area of 2.7 million hectares of 3.1 million ha in Indonesia have secured FSC certification since 2010. FSC certified companies are believed to be better equipped to meet timber legality verification requirements (SVLK).

"The forestry sector in Indonesia underwent a significant transformation with the adoption of the highest standards in sustainable forest management, a major contribution to Indonesia Government in reducing carbon emissions and developing green economy," said the Borneo Initiative board member, Jesse Kuijper.

According to him, it is necessary to raise awareness among international timber buyers to increasingly look for freely produced deforestation products that are increasingly sustainable.

Indonesian Association of Forest Entrepreneurs (APHI) asks its members to apply best management practices by preparing internationally recognized FSC certification with market-based mechanisms to promote sustainable forest management.

Vice Chairman APHI Iman Santosa said Indonesia production forest can produce\ high quality and legal timber every year. With the improvement in sustainable forest management and forest certification, production forests can be the backbone of green economy policy at provincial level.

According to him, certified forest products and forest management certification activities are in line with government efforts to improve and strengthen access and export to oversea markets.

"While we still see the need to improve the operational context in terms of taxes, export regulations and infrastructure facilities, we are also in the process of enhancing market promotion and market access through cooperation between APHI and PNORS in Indonesia to develop carbon trading systems in Indonesia (Indonesian Timber Exchange System)," he said. (LK/HR/W)

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