IDX bonds recorded at Rp 54.85 trillion

25 June 2018 06:17

JAKARTA - Total release of bonds and sukuk reached 39 emissions by 29 issuers at PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange). Total values of these bonds and sukuk were recorded amounting to Rp 54.85 trillion since January to the last week of June 2018.

Through a press release received by IDNFinancials, the IDX announced that 112 issuers recorded approximately 362 bond emissions and sukuk with outstanding values to Rp 408.86 trillion and US$ 47.5 million.

Furthermore, about 91 government bonds were recorded at IDX with values to Rp 2,200.76 trillion and US$ 200 million. Moreover, 10 emission asset’s effect was also recorded with the outstanding values to Rp 9.54 trillion.

Last week, IDX recorded the obligation continue II WOM Finance stage V 2018 that was released by PT Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha Tbk (WOMF) amounted to Rp 360.5 billion. (LK)

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