IPCC targets to accommodate 2.1 million units of vehicles

16 July 2018 08:39

JAKARTA - PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC) targets revenue at the end of this year to grow by 38%. This revenue target is in line with the expansion of vehicle land area above 700,000 units.

Chiefy Adi Kusmargono, President Director of IPCC, said that the capacity of vehicles will be increased from 700,000 vehicles per year to 2.1 million vehicles per year in the next five years. "This year add 3 hectares (ha) again," he said quoted from Kontan.co.id.

Chiefy has not been able to explain how much the capacity of a vehicle for each one hectare. But clearly, the additional 3 ha of land will already contribute to the company's revenue which is targeted to increase by 38% compared to last year. "In August, 1 hectare has contributed," he explained.

Currently for additional 1 ha of land to be operated is still in the compaction phase. The remaining 2 ha is in the fencing process because it is adjacent to the settlement of the people.

For the record, IPCC managed to obtain fresh funds amounting to Rp 920 billion from the initial public offering (IPO). Of the funds that half of it will be used for the addition of land.

In 2017, IPCC posted revenue of Rp 422.1 billion, increase by 34.3 percent compared to 2016 with Rp 314.3 billion. Gross profit rose of 26.8 percent to Rp 208.6 billion from Rp 164.5 billion, and net profit grew by 32.2 percent to Rp 130.1 billion. (LK/HR)

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