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JAKARTA - PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk (BSDE), a leading property company, prepares funds worth Rp 1 trillion to buy back shares (buyback) starting today until June 18, 2020. The prepared budget is to buy a maximum of 20% or of the paid-up capital or as many as 1,329,210,800 shares of the total shares outstanding.

As quoted from the disclosure of corporate information on Thursday (19/3), the source of funds to carry out corporate actions will be taken from the company's cash. Therefore, the company's assets and assets will shrink to around Rp 1 trillion for the plan. However, the budget does not include transaction costs in the buyback.

Before the transaction, the total assets of BSDE reached Rp 53.26 trillion, total equity of Rp 32.86 trillion, net profit of Rp 2.31 trillion, total outstanding shares of 18,988,725,492 shares and earnings per share of Rp 121.67 . After completing the buyback, the total assets of the company will be Rp 52.26 trillion, the total assets will be Rp 31.86 trillion, and the total outstanding shares will be 17,659,514,692 shares. (LK)