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JAKARTA - Manuel Djunako, President Commissioner of PT Indonesia Pondasi Raya (Indopora) Tbk (IDPR), is actively increasing his stake in the company this year. Last week, Manuel spent Rp 71.21 million on IDPR shares.

As quoted from the disclosure of company information on Tuesday (22/4), Manuel's stake in Indopora rose from 83.98% to 84% after purchasing 400,000 shares. The additional shares transaction took place for the second time in April 2020, where there was an increase in shares from 83.97% to 83.98% with an investment of Rp 56.14 million.

Previously, he has purchased IDPR shares no less than five times this year, and increased his stake in the company from 83.83% to 83.98% with a total investment of no less than Rp 921 million. 

The same thing was done by Febyan, President Director of IDPR, who purchased 800,000 of IDPR shares for Rp 129.72 million. (LK/AR)