RBMS - PT. Ristia Bintang Mahkotasejati Tbk

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JAKARTA - Hotel Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran, received a grant of IDR 1.26 billion from the Government of Badung Regency, Bali. This was conveyed by the management of PT Ristia Bintang Mahkotasejati Tbk (RBMS) in an information disclosure in Jakarta on Friday (20/11). "This tourism grant will be used, in accordance with the provisions of the Badung Regency Government, for hotel operational funds from September to December 2020."

It was also stated that Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran is owned by PT Tiara Raya Bali International (TRBI), a subsidiary of RBMS.

From the Consolidated Financial Statements as of September 30, 2020, TRBI had operated in 2013 with total assets of IDR 331.69 billion. Meanwhile, the overall income of RBMS was recorded at IDR 22.58 billion, decreased from IDR 68 billion; the largest decrease came from hotel revenue, from IDR 38.55 billion to IDR 10.27 billion. (LK/VA)