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JAKARTA – PT Lekom Maras, shareowner of PT Ratu Prabu Energi Tbk (ARTI), received a transfer of land assets to pay a debt of IDR 700.79 billion to PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA). The said assets acted as foreclosed collaterals intended to cover the company’s debt, as specified on the security agreement on January 13, 2020.

Through the information disclosure on Thursday (1/4), Burhanuddin Bur Maras, the President Director of ARTI, has approved the transfer of several of his personal assets to PT Lekom Mars, the said shareowner of ARTI.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that ARTI would make the collateral repayment to Burhanuddin Bur Maras through a loan conversion, such as rights issue or private placement, by no later than September 29, 2021. (LK/ZH)