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JAKARTA – PT Bank Harda Internasional Tbk (BBHI) to arrange a rights issue to strengthen its capitalisation and fulfil the minimum core capital requirement of 2 trillion in 2021 as regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Aryanto Halawa, the Finance, Planning & Control Division Head of Bank Harda, announced that the company would issue 7.5 billion new shares with IDR 100 nominal value each. It is equal to 179.20% of its issued and paid-up capital. “The initiative would be carried out at least 12 months after the decision made in the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting that would be held tomorrow (7/5),” Halawa explained.

Bank Harda would obtain additional equity of IDR 750 billion after this corporate action. The authorised capital would climb up to IDR 1.16 trillion, the issued and paid-up capital would reach IDR 1.16 trillion. Furthermore, the stockholders’ structure would change to PT Mega Corpora (MC) owning 90.59% and public investors 9.41% if MC ended up taking all the offered shares.

Currently, the authorised capital of Bank Harda amounts to IDR 1 trillion, and its issued and paid-up capital IDR 418.44 billion. MC owns 73.71% of the entire stock, and the remaining 26.29% belongs to public investors. (LK/ZH)