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JAKARTA – PT Trans Power Marine Tbk (TPMA) intends to purchase four units of 330-feet boats aiming to drive growth in the company’s performance. Rudy Setiono, the Director of Trans Power Marine, announces this plan through the public expose, quoted Friday (18/6).

It is specified that the fund resources would be taken from internal cash and loans from BCA, 30% and 70% each. This plan would commence once there is a decline in iron price. “The bargaining is on the process, and there has been no commitment made with the seller,” Setiono confirms.

According to Setiono, one unit of 300 to 330 feet barge is estimated to worth IDR 42 billion. If accumulated, the intention to purchase four units would have TPMA prepare IDR 168 billion. One 300 to 330 feet barge could be utilised to transport 8,000 to 12,000 tonnes of coals.

The current utilisation of company-operated boats is over 90% due to the surge in coal price. “The needs for shipping boats this year would increase following the coal price surge,” Setiono adds.

In 2020, TPMA was reported to own 38 tugboats, 33 barges, and three crane barges. Additionally, the company has also extended its coal transport contract with PT Dian Ciptamas Agung and PT Borneo Indo Bara. (LK/ZH)