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JAKARTA – PT Adira DInamika Multifinance Tbk (ADMF), popularly known as Adira Finance, records an accounts receivable financing distribution of IDR 21.9 trillion in H1 2021. They consist of consumer financing, murabaha, and finance lease. This number is corrected due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In its Financial Report of H1 2021 published today (27/7), President Director of Adira Finance, Hafid Hadeli, reveals that the consumer financing scores IDR 19.13 trillion, murabaha IDR 2.49 trillion, finance lease IDR 231.3 billion, and other financings IDR 134.3 billion. Meanwhile, in H1 2020, the company scored IDR 20.15 trillion in consumer financing, IDR 2.44 trillion in murabaha, IDR 246.64 billion in finance lease, and IDR 399.6 billion in other financings.

The revenue rounds up at IDR 4.16 trillion, of which consumer financing contributed IDR 2.95 trillion. Then, murabaha margin adds IDR 385.90 billion, finance lease IDR 15.08 billion, and others IDR 818.56 billion. As a result, the current year’s profit declines to IDR 472.48 billion from IDR 597.04 billion last year. (LK/ZH)