MARK - PT. Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk

Rp 995

+30 (+2,50%)

JAKARTA. PT Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk (MARK) is certain about reaching the consolidated sales target for this year of IDR 1.06 trillion and the net profit target of IDR 300.6 billion. This confidence is gained following the secured contracts worth USD 70 million in 2021.

The contracts of this hand former manufacturer have supported the company’s performance throughout the first half of 2021, bringing IDR 472.30 billion of revenue. It soars by 145.19% from IDR 192.63 billion reported last year. Its current profit has also been amplified by 200.16% to IDR 155.21 billion from IDR 51.72 billion.

Ridwan Goh, President Director of Mark Dynamics, explains in the press release today (28/7) that these gains result from the increasing production capacity and maintaining efficiency amidst the pandemic.

The improved performance is also triggered by the company’s efforts in penetrating new markets, as well as production strategies designed to attain efficiency and enhance product quality, Goh continues. Equipped with these strategies, Goh is optimistic that the positive trend would continue until 2022. (AM/ZH)