SOHO - PT. Soho Global Health Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Soho Global Health Tbk (SOHO) obtains a revolving credit facility from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) worth IDR 500 billion. In addition to this, it also receives a bank guarantee facility of IDR 100 billion and a letter of credit (LC) of USD 3.2 million.

Yuliana Tjhai, Corporate Secretary of Soho Global Health, claims that these facilities would be allocated to its working capital and support the company’s operational activities. “The credit is given with flexibility to withdraw either a portion or the entire credit facility by submitting a utilisation request,” Tjhai confirms.

This facility would also be channelled to its subsidiaries, PT Soho Industri Pharmasi and PT Parit Padang Global. Additionally, the said credit facility equals less than 50% of SOHO’s current total equity.

SOHO’s authorised capital is reported at IDR 1.43 trillion, issued and paid-up capital IDR 634.58 billion, and stock in portfolio IDR 797.17 billion. Cascade Creek Pty Ltd owns 12.113% of its shares, Medisia Investment Holdings Pte Ltd 22.469%, Prysselius Limited 8.918%, Tan Giok Nio 9.014%, Tan Giok Nio 9.014%, Tiberias 96 Pty Ltd 37.918%, and the public 0.554%. (LK/ZH)