JAKARTA – PT Huadi Nickel Alloy Indonesia (HNI) channelled another 90 mega volt ampere (MVA) of electric power to optimise the operation of its smelting facility in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi. This extra capacity would continuously be added until it reached 1,000 MVA in the next five years.

Jos Stefan Hidecky, Director of Huadi Nickel Alloy Indonesia, confirmed that the additional electric capacity from PLN would boost the smelter operation from handling four furnaces to six. “The commitment of PLN to maintain the quality of electricity supply had encouraged us to raise our electric capacity by 90 MVA for smelting facility operations,” he further explained in the press release on Friday (22/10).

According to Hidecky, HNI currently utilises PLN’s electric capacity a total of 210 MVA following the capacity increase since 2018 of 40 MVA. In August 2021, the company boosted its electric capacity for the second time by 80 MVA.

It was mentioned that another extra 100 MVA would be channelled following the company’s expansion plan in 2023.

PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) (PLN) had made sure that the electricity supply within the system in the southern Sulawesi had a capacity of 2,019 mega watt (MW) and a peak load of 1,435 MW. (LK/ZH)