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JAKARTA. PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) launches the latest mutual fund product, Ashmore Dana USD Nusantara, which has a semi-annual dividend distribution feature. This fixed-income mutual fund could become an investment alternative.

Ugahary Yovvy Chandra, Executive Vice President of the Wealth Management Division of BCA, said that the Ashmore Dana USD Nusantara mutual fund is deemed as a part of the company’s strategy to facilitate its users who have interests in diversifying currencies in various products.

In the written statement published today (22/12), Chandra also said that the Ashmore Dana USD Nusantara could become the alternative for stock diversification through several series of INDON and INDOIS USD Government Bonds. In addition, it would offer investment at a relatively more affordable minimum purchase level.

The investors could get their hands on this product in any BCA branch offices that provide services for investment transactions or through the Wealth Management (Welma) application. In Welma, the users could perform transactions such as selling and purchasing investment instruments, including mutual funds and bonds, or acquire information on insurance products. (AM/ZH)