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JAKARTA. PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk (CPRO) allocates the capital expenditure (CapEx) budget of IDR 320 billion in 2022. The said amount is specifically intended to support the sales growth of 5% to 10%.

Hendri Laiman, President Director of Central Proteina Prima, explained that his company set the sales growth target to be supported by pet foods and feeds for fisheries. Therefore, most of the CapEx will be allocated to the construction of new production plants, including pet foods, frozen foods, shrimp breeding, and other projects.

“The company estimates the total investment required to build new production plants for pet foods and frozen foods to reach approximately IDR 400 billion,” Laiman revealed in the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange on Thursday (13/1).

Furthermore, Laiman specified that the sales growth target of 5% to 10% arrives at IDR 8.5 trillion. Meanwhile, its EBITDA will reach IDR 1 trillion and the net profit IDR 500 billion. (AM/ZH)