JAKARTA. The surplus observed in Indonesia’s balance of trade scored the highest in the last five years since 2016. The said surplus gained throughout 2021 reached USD 35.34 billion, as stated in the report of Indonesia Statistics (lit. Badan Pusat Statistik/BPS).

“In comparison to 2020, 2019, even 2016, the trade balance in 2021 is the highest within these past five years,” Margo Yuwono, Head of BPS, confirmed in a press conference yesterday (17/1).

According to Yuwono, the surplus resulted from the significantly increased export that reached USD 231.54 billion, 41.88% higher than in 2020. Out of the said amount, non-oil and gas exports contributed USD 219.27 billion, 41.52% higher than 2020. However, non-oil and gas imports also climbed 38.59% to USD 196.2 billion.

Yuwono hoped the trade surplus could continue this year, particularly the satisfactory export trend. He wished the trend would pass on to 2022, thus boosting the economic recovery. (AM/ZH)