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JAKARTA – Grab Holding Limited (Grab) and Singtel Alpha Investment Pte Ltd (Singtel) will enter the list of investors of PT Bank Fama International (FAMA), claiming 16.26% of the shares each. Corporate Secretary of PT Elang Mahkota Energi Tbk (EMTK), Titi Maria Rusli, revealed the news in the information disclosure quoted today (21/1).

It was also mentioned that PT Elang Media Visitama (EMV), a subsidiary of EMTK, invited strategic investor A5-DB Holdings Pte Ltd to participate in the Bank Fama capital investment. The said company is a subsidiary of Grab and Singtel Alpha Investment, the latter of which is another subsidiary of Singtel Telecommunication Limited. “Grab and Singtel each has taken over 2,355,004,657 new shares of FAMA, equivalent to 16.26% of FAMA’s entire issued and paid-up capital,” Rusli added.

The capital investment of Grab and Singtel was recorded in the decision letter of FAMA’s shareholders earlier this January, which had been received by the Financial Service Authority (OJK) yesterday (19/1). With the inclusion of these new strategic investors, FAMA’s shareholder structure now comprises EMV of 62.76% and PT Nusantara Berkat Agung of 4.72%. (LK/ZH)