MLIA - PT. Mulia Industrindo Tbk

Rp 595

+15 (+2,52%)

JAKARTA. A glass manufacturer, PT Mulia Industrindo Tbk (MLIA), sets its capital expenditure (CapEx) to IDR 300 billion, which will be utilised to overhaul several machines and support operational activities.

Henry Bun, Director and Corporate Secretary of Mulia Industrindo, mentioned that several machines that manufacture bottles and glass blocks should have been overhauled as they are less efficient now. “With this overhaul, [we] can generate high-quality products,” he claimed.

Bun believed that the prospect of performance growth of MLIA in 2022 is still quite promising compared to the previous year. Therefore, his company sets the target of sales to IDR 4.8 trillion, growing 8% from last year. Furthermore, the target of profit is set to IDR 690 billion, increasing 6% from last year.

In determining the growth target, Bun will rely on the national and regional economic growth support that has been improving. Thus, it offers opportunities to the company to expand its business further in the future. (AM/ZH)