JAKARTA - Bank Indonesia continues to strengthen the digitalization of the payment system to encourage economic inclusion in the context of economic recovery. Digital economic and financial transactions are growing rapidly in line with the increasing acceptance and preference of the public in online shopping, the expansion and convenience of digital payment systems, as well as the acceleration of digital banking.

"The value of electronic money transactions (EU) in April 2022 grew by 50.3% (yoy) to IDR 34.3 trillion and the value of digital banking transactions increased by 71.4% (yoy) to IDR5,338.4 trillion. Meanwhile, the value of payment transactions using ATM cards, debit cards, and credit cards also grew by 12.5% ​​(yoy) to IDR764.5 trillion,” explained Perry Warjiyo, Governor of Bank Indonesia at a press conference today.

To support the Regional Digitalization Acceleration and Expansion Team Championship Program (TP2DD), Bank Indonesia continues to synergize and strengthen coordination with Regional Governments through the P2DD and TP2DD Task Forces. The amount of currency in circulation (UYD) in April 2022 increased by 23.2% (yoy) to reach IDR1,039.1 trillion.

Bank Indonesia continues to ensure the availability of Rupiah currency with maintained quality throughout the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, among others, by continuing institutional cooperation in the circulation of Rupiah currency to 3T (Outermost, Frontier, Remote) areas, and ensuring a smooth process of backflow of currency (inflow) after Eid 1443H period. (LM)